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Time to toke control

Dominate with Payperhead

When you use state of the art sportsbook technology created and hosted by PayPerHead, you’ll lead the game as an independent bookie in the online sports wagering industry.
Featuring everything you need to manage your players and their accounts, your sportsbook will rival that of any professional sportsbook operation that can be found online today.

Take control with Profitable Per Head Solutions

Learn what our premium tools can do to advance your business with our demo account. Give us a call any day, any time to learn all of what PayPerHead has to offer by gaining access to our demo account.

Our experienced success managers will walk you through every step including showing you how the software works and where everything is managed. That way you can focus on growing your business.

All you need is a phone. No downloads. No software. No hassle. Discover all the tools you will have by gaining access to our demo account. Take a tour at your own pace and see how easy our per head software and PayPerHead tools are to use and learn how to run your sportsbook effectively.

Please note: TruLive Wagering Live Plus is not available in the demo. To learn more about our TruLive wagering feature and all that it has to offer, visit the TruLive wagering page or ask your sales representative.

Learn Why Our Tools are Top-of-the-Line:

With the live demo account, you’ll walk through our advanced and premium tools, like these:

  • Hold Percentages.
  • Mass Editing Tool
  • Schedule Limit Override
  • The Line Mover

Contact our reps to gain access to the demo account, and you can find out where all the tools are, what they do, and how you can leverage each tool to better your business.

Run Your Sportsbook Your Way

At PayPerHead we know what you need to be a successful online bookie. We also know that you want it done your way. That’s why we developed these features:

  • Live Bet Ticker
  • Set max betting limits
  • Toggle live betting and casinos on or off



  • Increase Cash Flow Via Agent Payment Solution
  • Our first ever in the industry agent payment solution provides for quicker payouts and collections. That means the cash keeps flowing through your business.

Most International
Sports Betting Options

You can offer wagering options on a wide range of popular international sports. Dream of profit while making profit around the clock.

Manage Your

Lead your pack with the most robust suite of pay per head tools in the industry. Once you set up your players, it’s go time! Just watch the money roll in.


Offer the most live wagering options, including thousands of wagers on international games