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Agent Payment Solution (APS).

Use the only online payment and collection solution in the pay per head industry. It’s easy to manage, and you can use multiple payment options to collect or pay your players. With the APS, agents like you never need to meet players in person again. Not only that, but you can use the Agent Payment Solution right from your phone without downloading anything.

With The Agent Payment Solution, you can do business with anyone, anywhere in the world. Since no in-person meetings are ever required, you can easily expand your business and make even more money.  Life really did just get easier with the APS!

Standard Live Wagering and Live +

To help you increase your profits, we’ve developed two live betting platforms. On Standard Live, players can wager on popular leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, plus most other sports leagues, including the Champions League and Premier League.

With Live+, you can make even more money. The Live+ platform is the most robust in the industry. It offers additional in-game betting markets, a game tracker, and live stream video feeds. On Live+, your players can watch the games as they happen while the game tracker encourages additional action.  We know that by providing your players with more options, you profit more!

Two Live Dealer Solutions

Make more money when your players wager on live dealer games. Both our live dealer platforms are the best on the market. 

Two platforms mean more games: baccarat, multiple blackjack games, roulette, and even hold’em. Our live dealer casinos provide your players with the most interactive player-dealer experience available on the internet, even from your phone. When your players are comfortable wagering and having fun, they play longer. And the longer they play, the more money you make. Increase your profits today!

Best Pay Per Head System in the Industry With Competitive Plans & Pricing

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Referral Program

Make $100 then 15% for a full year. PayPerHead’s Refer A Friend program is the best in the industry. It’s the only one that pays you upfront for a referral and then pays you on monthly deposits. 

As soon as your referred friend starts their sportsbook with us, we add $100 into your account. Then, we’ll add 15% of their deposits into your account for up to 12 months. The best part? You can refer as many friends as you’d like!

Instant Action Ticker

Our Instant Action Ticker helps you stay in the know. The Instant Action Ticker provides you the power to see what your players are wagering, and for how much. The ticker is so fast that the instant your player hits confirm, you get the alert.

A player will never blindside you again. Knowledge is power. Use the knowledge you gain from the Instant Action Ticker to manage your sportsbook and keep it profitable.

Sports Betting Options

By offering every sport imaginable, you can make more money, even while sleeping! There is always a game for your players to bet on. Offer them sports betting options on all international soccer leagues, including Champions League, Premier, and La Liga, and popular sports on the other side of the world like cricket and rugby. It really is 24/7.

Provide wagering on top eSports like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike. We will also add specific markets for you if we do not have them; all because we want you to make as much money as possible.

Agent Features and Tools

What makes us different from everyone else in the industry? For starters, we created our own software and built from the ground up. All our tools and features are designed to help agents cut risk and make more money. 

We provide an online payment and collection solution (APS), two live dealer casinos, Standard Live and Live+ in-game wagering platforms, the most possible sports options for your players, a layoff account, the Instant Action Ticker, and reporting tools.  No one else comes close!

Trusted by the best in the betting business

PayPerHead is the only provider trusted to be featured by sports betting industry leaders like Don Best, EOG, TheSpread, and Gambling911. PayPerHead’s Agent Payment System speeds up player to agent and agent to player transactions. That leads to more money to flow faster to your bottom line. Let our 20+ years of experience of pay per head help you become a dominant leader in the sports betting industry. Call one of our customer service reps at 800-605-4767 for a demo.

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